When you access our web site, we have the right to save your computer's Ip address.
This IP address does not identifies you as an individual, instead it identifies your Internet Services Provider. Other informations that don't identify you as an individual that we can file and save are the web browser you use, your operating system and the domain name of the web site from which you access our site.
Those informations are put together to gather demographical general statistics, such as the geographical location of our visitors and how long they stay in our web site. We collect those informations in order to manage our web site, to troubleshoot problems with our servers, to analyse customers' shopping behavior and statistic information and finally to offer a better service to our customers.


When you visit our web site, we may send you cookies.
A cookie is a very small file or a little piece of data that can be placed in your hard disk's computer when you visit a web site.
Those cookies don't have any confidential information related to you. However, if you communicate your personnel information while filling out a contact form or while you ask for a quote by sending us an e-mail, those informations could be saved in a cookie.
There are two types of cookies. the first one saves a file for a longer period in your computer and it won't be erased even after you turn off your computer.
This cookie could be used to show visitors informations that have been updated since their last visit.
The second type of cookie is named a "session cookie". While you visit a web site, session cookies are momentarily saved in your computer's memory. For example to keep trace of the language you had previously chosen for this web site.
Session cookies are not saved for a long period in your computer, they are deleted when you close your Internet browser.
We could hire the services of specialised companies to help us collect or process these informations or cookies.
We use cookies for many reasons, specially:
* to gather anonymous statistics related to schemas and browsing behaviors;
* to gather information to use it in marketing research;
* to adapt the content and functions of the web site to the user;
* to assist or keep a trace of users' visits and propose certain services related to Internet;
* to allow users having a password to access Internet pages without having to type again informations previously entered.

How to avoid cookies

Most Internet browsers, can be set up to deny cookies, delete them from your computer's hard disk or to let you know that a web site has cookies to store in you computer' disk.
You can get more information about this subject in the help menu of your browser.
However certain Internet pages may not function correctly without your allowing of cookies.

Your confidential informations

We will not collect your confidential information without your agreement and authorisation, nor we'll sell them or use them in any fraudulent way.
In order to offer you a product, a service, informations, we might need your personal and confidential information. Those informations could, between others, include your last name, name, address, e-mail address, and phone number.
Your confidential informations are only collected to supply you a product, a service, informations, or if you submit those for other reasons, for example to to submit a job application.

Disclosure of your confidential information

If you submit your personal information, we won't communicate them to third parties without your agreement, unless it is demanded by the law or unless we consider that that action is necessary for:
- To do a task for public benefit
- To protect our rights or our property, including those of any branch of the Group.
However, in order to satisfy your demands, supply you a product, a service or informations, to process a transaction or give you assistance, your personal information may be shared with other branches of the group and third parties including transportation companies, suppliers, distributors, tax administrations, our business partners and post office and government authorities(such us custom authorities).
Other branches of the Group or third parties can be located inside or outside of the Economic European Community.
According to this, if you submit your personal information, you accept that those informations may be transmitted to other countries, whether inside or outside of the Economic European Community.

To delete, amend, update or access your confidential information

If you wish to delete, amend, update or access the personal information you have provide us or if you have doubts about it, please contact us.


We do our best to protect your personal information, technically as well as in the administration side. Our site features a security system against any non-authorized access, lost or alteration. However, no server or communication over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% sure. For this reason, the use of our internet pages and links with which they are connected and their contents is at your own risk.

Links to third-party Internet Pages

Some of our web site's pages may contain links to third-party sites.
We do not accept any liability for information provided by third parties, their content and practices from those sites, their owners or providers.

Modifying Privacy content

We reserve the right to modify the contents of these internet pages without previous warning, whenever we consider it appropriate.